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Creating presentation decks for the CEOs and Department Heads at DStv, M-Net, SuperSport, Showmax and pay-television business units for a little over 4 years was a high-performance experience that elevated our creativity to the next level.

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Project Highlights

  • Working with some of the most exciting TV brands in Africa.
  • Working with Showmax during it's start-up phase.
  • Working with some of the most powerful brands in television.
  • Working with CEOs and C-Suite executives on exciting projects.

02Our Approach

As a young sales guy I had walked enough clients through ‘death by PowerPoint’ decks to know just how evil it could be to sit through a 40 minute presentation.

We wanted to use these decks as an opportunity for our executives to truly shine.

Much of the pitches were at board level for multi million and multi-billion dollar initiatives and it mattered that they were able to convincingly and creatively pitch their ideas and concepts effectively.

We made use of powerful visuals and creative elements to make the content aesthetically pleasing and memorable.

One of our decks landed prized distribution contracts from the Cannes Film festival and we played an integral role in the start-up phase of ShowMax becoming a reality in South Africa.

The decks were extended to include research reports in addition to pitching concepts and ideas, allowing us heaps of creative freedom to do what we do best. Design.

Presentation Slide Design
Presentation Design 3
Presentation Design 4
Presentation Slide Design
Presentation Design 6

03Client Feedback

A snapshot of referrals, recommendations and letters of testimonial from clients.

Dear Daryn,

Thanks for the wonderful job you have, and you are doing for our company. Your hard work, dedication to detail and positive outlook has been very instrumental in guiding our business in one of its exceedingly difficult and trying time. With the COVID 19 pandemic we have had to keep skeleton staff, which meant that you had to perform duties beyond our contractual agreement, and for that I can only say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

You have worked tirelessly to keep your department going and making sure that we are on top of the process of communicating positively with our client base, while busy taking the whole business to a new online environment. Not only do you do such excellent quality work, but I have seen you assist other team members with their projects too. You come in early and leave late. On countless times I have seen you use your lunch break to come and brainstorm new ideas in my office but keeping and maintaining a good cheer.

Thank you, Daryn, for your hard work and dedication to this company in this life and death days, and even from 10 years ago when you officially took us successfully online. We as a business deeply appreciate you and all that you do. I will strongly recommend you to any company that is serious about getting RESULTS in the marketplace.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Mululu

Steve Mululu

Steve Mululu

Co-Founder - Dream Body Fitness

We have been working with Mr Basson since November 2019. His exceptional world class service has brought life to our brand, and turned our brand around tenfold. His knowledge covers an array of areas and he is always willing and able to implement and execute every thought in lightning speed time.

He takes every project as his own and makes it his own, and delivers exceptional quality. His values as a person and brand are carried throughout his work. He is a dependable person who always has the best interest of the organization top of mind.
Out of the box thinking is what he is best known for. His creative writing skills, coding and ability to familiarize himself with any other programs is far beyond any other.

He is always willingly to invest time in teaching and educating those around him.

We have worked with Mr Basson 6 years ago, and when he left to pursue his Dreams overseas we were still able to reach out to him and brainstorm ideas with him. His willingness is commendable in every single way. He has become family and family always comes first. We respect and treasure him and commend his character and values immensely.

Taskeen Suleman

Taskeen Suleman

Co-Founder - Dream Body Fitness

I met Daryn about to start his own business up a little over 2 months ago and decided to give it a try . The first thing that hit me was the vital energy of the guy -he definetly makes me feel comfortable . Added to this, Daryn, the owner’s friendly and welcoming approach and you can already sense the quality customer service you will be receiving .

When I started my own business, I needed a lot of help regarding logo and website etc. however once Daryn began to exercise his exemplary skills , he really did portray design as an art form ! District and well designed. The time , support and effort Daryn puts into his passion is extraordinary – he is capable of providing any desire and you will get ready for your business !

The Grooming Cave

The Grooming Cave