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We’ve built enough websites to know that they produce as much excitement as they do fear. It can be positively daunting for people to consider putting a website together and for that reason, we offer a full-service web design and development service.

We take the hassle out of the process and work on all the elements for you. From design and development through to writing advertising and marketing copy. We’re happy to use the copy you provide us if that’s what you’d like but rest assured we’re more than capable of writing copy or even ghostwriting (putting your thoughts and ideas into words for you).

Our website design and development service starts at single marketing landing page websites and ends at high-end e-commerce websites using WooCommerce and WordPress.

The vast majority of websites we produce are WordPress-based but we are capable of putting HTML and CSS coded websites together for you. It all depends on what you’re looking to achieve with your website.

Chat to us about the outcomes you’d like to see and we’ll help you put together the best website layout and structure  to achieve those outcomes. 

Wireframes & Prototyping

A wireframe is a visual representation of the sections, modules and elements present on each page of the proposed website. A low fidelity wireframe is a hand drawn or sketched layout whilst the high fidelity wireframes tend to be produced in Photoshop, Illustrator or Adobe XD. Wireframes form a visual brief for website design and development.

We use this process to identify content and feature priorities:
  • Hand sketched wireframes for layout guidance.
  • Wireframes give us an idea of how much copy to produce.
  • Enables rapid prototyping of ideas and concepts.
  • Provides a strong foundation for innovation and execution.

After completing the low fidelity wireframes, we’ll either produce high fidelity wireframes for official approval or simply start building prototypes. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, prototyping could be in the form of Photoshop / Illustrator mock-ups or simply be live builds with rapid iterations based on feedback.


How long does it take to build a website?

There are a multitude of factors that impact design and development time for a website, however, sometimes the stars align perfectly and we’re able to move through the process rapidly. Below are some guidelines and estimations to give you an idea.

0 Days
Landing Page
0 Days
1 Page Website
0 Days
Multi-Page Website
0 days
E-Commerce Site

Over the years, we’ve found that great design and valuable work comes from collaboration and rapid feedback loops. For that reason, we stay engaged with you throughout the process rather than disappear for 8 weeks and hope you like what we’ve put together for you.

In terms of ‘methodology’, it’s known as Agile or Scrum. The idea of doing the most valuable work, in the most valuable ways, integrated with customer feedback to fuel each step of the design and development process.

Sometimes, that involves a few delays in getting feedback or results in attempting one or two changes as requested. It’s part of the process and for that reason, we focus on charging for a product rather than billing per hour for a service rendered.

It gives you peace of mind that we’re committed to the best design and end-product, and it saves you the stress of watching the clock and wondering what the bill is going to come to.

WE would hate it if we had our website built under those conditions, and so barring a few reasonable terms and conditions, we don’t do that to you.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on whether you’re looking for a landing page or a multi-produce e-commerce website. It hinges on what kind of functionality you require and the degree of complexity required to produce the work.

Rough estimates are;

  • R1,500 – R3,000 for a landing page website.
  • R2,500 – R5,000 for a 1 page website.
  • R3,500 – R15,000 for a multi-page website.
  • R9,500 – R45,000 for an e-commerce website.

It depends on whether we are building in a live website hosting package or not. If it’s in the live website hosting package, there’s nothing you would need to do.

If we’re building it off-site, we would simply need the login details for your hosting package and we will install and test the website for you.

Yes, we do. We make use of Afrihost and can supply hosting packages for your website as well as for your email.

For WordPress based websites, the answer is mostly yes. Some elements would require a professional web developer but 90% of what you will use the website for is easily maintained by yourself.

e-Commerce websites are trickier and require a degree of collaboration.

HTML and CSS based websites would definitely require a web developer and would not be easily maintained by yourself.

We are happy to provide you with a monthly maintenance package that includes hosting and email.

Yes, we offer a full digital marketing service that includes elements such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Google Adwords and other forms of digital marketing strategies.

Visit our Marketing Services page for more information.