“This is to certify that, I Michelle Dean owner of The Mexican had, the absolute pleasure of working with Daryn for 3 months, on building a bigger customer base and a website to show case our restaurant.

What struck me immediately is that, Daryn has the uncanny ability to transform your company, by transforming your attitude towards your business.

Daryn also has the ability to listen to what you as a client wants, and this quality sets him apart. He worked so hard on making me fall in love with my business again, in a time when the economy is not helping anyone be positive.

When Daryn throws himself into helping you market your company, his passion is overwhelmingly contagious and in this way he transforms the way you think, and before you know it, you even start coming up with your own ideas. I could not believe I had it in me, but he managed to coax it out of me.

I enjoyed how swiftly he takes care of your businesses needs, you never have to ask him twice and it was a breath of fresh air for me, in a town where this never happens. Daryn is already missed by us all.”